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June 23, 2012


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Anna Padia

Well-researched and thought out, Laura. Thank you for your work and ability to put all this in writing. Many will benefit from your recommendations. It's not easy. There is no quick fix. But committing to vote is the only effective way to change this course. Getting money out of our electoral and legislative processes is the other.

Donna Herrin

I went to my local county election office and became a volunteer registrar. First, too many 'people' are making decisions for women, besides women.
Time to change that. Second, the centennial of women getting the 'right' to vote is coming up at the end of this decade. Third, I don't care how you vote, only that you participate.
I would like to see at least 75% of all eligible women to be registered and vote by the time of the Centennial. That would not only benefit the country, but it would send a message across the world to women everywhere.

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