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May 30, 2008


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But SHE didn't break the rules. There were no rules regarding taking names off the ballot in MI. Sen. Obama decided to do that on his own. And then he (along with John Edwards) instructed their supporters to vote "Uncommitted" as a protest!

Now, how does that deserve 55 delegates - especially when (through exit polls conducted in several states during this time) Edwards received anywhere from 7-14% of the vote in other states.

Don't you think some of those "uncommitted" delegates might not appreciate having their votes handed over to Barack Obama?

What's fair about Hillary Clinton being forced to give up her votes to him? The DNC broke their own "rules" - part of the body's constitution calling for "fair reflection" (meaning that delegates selected must meet this constitutional provision of "fair reflection" of the will of the voters).

I think you have completely bought the media spin about Clinton breaking the rules. No such thing happened in either case.


Today is Saturday...day of reckoning. Ickes target number of 15 votes for, did not come to fruition.

Alas! We can now move on. When you have rules...you must obide by them. When you disregard those rules...that's called:

No good ever comes from it! Perhaps even in her old age...she hopefully has learned something from this.

From one Senior Citizen female to another.

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